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Halloween 2018 Warren County Skin WIP

  • Hello everyone, so im sure most of you have seen the new Halloween and obviously noticed the police cars, I personally love the idea of the simplicity of them and how they are just right for the environment. So I have started making skins for some of the vehicles that were shown in the film im currently working on the crown vic and its about 80% done. Just have to finish the other side of the vehicle and see if there is anything that has to go on the back on of the vehicle.

    Take a Look :) Tell me what you guys think and if anything needs to be altered.


    0_1540765509294_upload-2af1b29f-7bdd-4a88-a1f2-929a5e7d9353 0_1540764749572_upload-88dbd29f-8263-4496-bc7a-fa4ef68531d1

    0_1540764830555_image1.jpeg :

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