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Texture map not loading?

  • I´m trying to change some textures on the lifeinvader structure and some of the images are not loading, and others are loading on a rendering distance diferent.
    If you are near the structure some of the textures I did are replaced but if you go away thei start changing to the original textures .
    Do you know why is this happening?
    Can you help me please?

  • It´s happening like on this MOD

  • @donutsrool
    There are different Levels of Detail (LOD) meaning that there will be multiple locations for the textures (each at a different level of detail. The further you are away from the building the lower the detail etc). You will have to find all the textures for the building & replace ALL of them for the textures to appear correct at all distances.

    Note: Some textures may be embedded in the building files themselves rather than in a separate '.ytd' texture container.

    I can't help you find the right place. Your best bet is either:

    • Find someone who has modded that building correctly (all LOD replaced) & get advice from them.
    • Download a mod that replaces the textures correctly (all LOD) on the same building as you want to mod & copy their install paths replacing their textures with your own.
    • Use 'Ctrl+F3' in OpenIV to search for things by name (bit of luck needed here I'd reckon) & hopefully zero in on all the texture locations. Codewalker can help here finding the names & locations of things to get you started. :thumbsup:

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