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Car falling thru the map (bridge Myriam turner overpass)

  • Hey guys i have installed many mods and also L.A Roads but i have a problem. From the entry of bridge (Miriam turner overpass) the roads texture seems smooth and all cars falling thru the map.

    alt text

    Some can help me please ?

    Thanks for all


    @mus001 Sounds like a corrupt file

  • yeah i know i have replaced some file in X64i, j, u .... but i don't know in which foler x64 the file is corrupted.

    I see any folder or file called bridge or something like that

    If anyone has this problem it will be good to help me cuz i can't complete the mission 4 father and son

  • @mus001
    If you have any landscape changing mods (especially roads, LA Roads etc) installed as add-ons it's probably a good idea at this point to eliminate them as variables by defaulting your 'dlclist.xml' to vanilla/remove their entries & then check to see if the missing road is still there or not :thumbsup:

    Once you've done that & if the problem persists, proceed to the instructions below:

    @mus001 said in Car falling thru the map (bridge Myriam turner overpass):

    but i don't know in which foler x64 the file is corrupted

    Make a backup of your modded x64 (x64i, x64l... etc) '.rpf's & then replace them one by one with vanilla versions (until they are all replaced or you fix the issue).
    Load the game to check between each replace to see if the problem is fixed :thumbsup:
    Another way is to replace them all with vanilla files (check if fixed) & then reintroduce your modded archives (.rpf) untill the problem appears again. Either way will work. It's up to you :thumbsup:

    Once you know the .rpf/s (may be more than one in combination causing the problem) that are damaged/corrupted etc either use the same process within the .rpf/s to narrow down your search to certain files (tricky, time consuming) or leave the .rpf/s as vanilla & reinstall the mods/mod parts you are missing from those rpf's (easier, quicker).

    When reinstalling mods to a vanilla rpf after a problem like this it's a good idea to check the game after each install/change just to make sure you don't reintroduce the same problem again. Take your time & work methodically & you should be able to figure it out :thumbsup:

  • thanks a lot guys for your reply. the problem is solved. it was the x64l.rpf was corrupted especially the airport_01 folder.

  • @mus001
    I had my money on it being x64l (missing barrier from middle road stored there but missing from your original pic) :thumbsup:
    Mark the thread 'Solved' if you can (not sure how you do that but it can be done... somehow :slight_smile:) :thumbsup:

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