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Car will not move when it is on the mud, grass and sand.

  • Hi, some of my add on cars is able to be driven on road except mud, grass and sand. They literally stop moving forward and backward and just stuck there. Any area with mud, grass and sand is the same. Idk how to fix. Pls help !

  • @GTA123499
    So this is just some of your add-on cars? Other add-on cars are ok? All replace & vanilla cars work perfectly?

    If it were all cars I would say default 'materials.dat' to vanilla:


    Note: Make a backup of any files you change before you change them. :thumbsup:

    If it's just some add-on cars that are affected then I would say you are looking at the meta files for those specific vehicles ('handling.meta'/'vehicles.meta'/'carcols.meta'/'carvariations.meta' etc). If you post a link to one of the add-on vehicles you are having trouble with & then send me a copy of the data files you are using for it (or post them to Pastebin etc) I'll download the vehicle & test it in my game with your exact settings.

    If I have same problem we know it is in the vehicle/vehicle's meta files etc

    If work ok offroad for me we know the problem is in your game somewhere else.

    I have heard of this before a few years back (not sure if it was all cars or just some) & I'm pretty sure the cause was corruption of one of the '.rpf' archives so if you run out of ideas & defaulting 'materials.dat' doesn't work I would then (after making appropriate backups of course :thumbsup:) move on to defaulting each main '.rpf' ('update.rpf'/'common.rpf'/'x64a.rpf' > 'x64w.rpf') in your 'mods' folder back to vanilla one after an other & see if any fix it :thumbsup:

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