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Uncharted V: Above Thiefs

  • Hi, this is Maestre3D and I'm very glad to share the new updates for our last mod "Uncharted V: A Chiliad Mystery".

    The overall project will take time since we're focused on Arthur Morgan from Red Dead Redemption 2.

    So, we got access to Uncharted 4's decrypted files and we're able to search for every model in-game (Includes cars, npc, weapons, sounds, HUD, videos, animals and complete maps), but we're just going to use characters models for now.

    And, because we're out of time, the first complete update will just contain Nathan Drake full outfits:

    • Island Drake
    • Tuxedo Drake
    • Auction Drake
    • Kings-bay Drake
    • Home Drake
    • Office Drake
    • Prison Drake
    • Child/Young Drake*
    • Jumpsuit Drake*
    • Dive Drake*
    • Epilogue Drake (Retired Drake)
    • Veteran Drake (Mesh mod)*

    *Maybe out because of time.

    --> Features?

    • We will work hard to get cloth simulation on some models.

    • Facial Animation

    • Snow, mud, wounded variations are just a couple of extras.

    • Correctly hair custom normals polygon data.
      alt text
      //Thanks to CryEngine for the documentation.

    • Bump maps and Detail maps are correctly mixed with a custom PS Algorithm simulating UDN Blending.

    • Detail wrinkle maps added to the clothes to get more realism.

    --> When it will be out?
    This mod will be out on December.
    We don't know the exact date.
    Be patient.

    Nate will be ported to GTA V the proper way.

    If we're able to finish Arthur Morgan quickly, more content will come to this mod.

    Currently on the ripping process. Here some screenshots:

    //This image was just a test

    alt text

    // Ripping process

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    //Mesh Mod

    alt text

  • [Update]
    I just made some quick renders of the first clothes.
    Here you can take a look ;) :

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