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MSI Trident 3, i7 GTX 1060 8gb win 10 settings ?

  • Hi everyone. Just got my first gaming pc. After playing well over 1000hrs of gta on Xbox one and seeing some random YouTube vids of crazy photorealistic graphics “mods” etc I had to do it.

    Not sure where to start I literally just setup the pc.

    I have the Xbox one wireless controller I want to use and got a steam Account and DL’d gta.

    Basically to start off I know nothing at all
    About computers and really just want to figure out how to do the mods to make the graphics insane and improve some of the sounds for guns/cars etc.

    Which file to download for the graphics mods?
    I just dl’d natural vision remastered but it’s only 471mb and that can’t possibly make it go from a old game to photo realism???

    Thanks in advance

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