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Name of Tuning Part don´t show up...

  • Hi,

    I have built a diffuser for the Sultan RS and I want to install it in the game without replacing the original data.

    I have already modified the Carcols so instead of 8 rear bumpers 9 I have the 9th is a copy of the 8th. I then renamed them and they are already visible in the game.

    Unfortunately I have no name in the game for the visible part (the new one). I already created a hex code, unfortunately without success.

    Does anyone have an answer?

    PS Sorry for my bad English


    And you used the carcols name (second line so not the yft name itself) for the hex?
    And added the hex to global.gxt2?

  • Yes

    I first copied sultanrs_bumr8 and renamed sultanrs_bumr9.

    Then I generated the hex code in OpenIV and imported it into the Global GXT2 file but there is no text displayed in the game when selecting the part


    Hmm could be its overlapping with a different global in a dlcpack somewhere?

    Once had a name on a rim not showing up whereas I knew 100% sure the hex snd part name was unique.
    When I then disabled a dlcpack I had recently edited, the rim name showed up again?

  • Ok thanks for the info I'll take a look

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