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unrecoverable fault issune

  • Sometime my game crash with "unrecoverable fault "Without any sign and I don't know which mod cause this.
    somebody can give me some suggest to solve this problem?


    1. should be in installation help and troubleshooting.
    2. you've literally told us nothing other than you don't know what mod(s) cause it

    tell us what mods you're using, what game version you're running etc

  • @JARODYI Let me check my crystal ball. One moment.
    It's telling me that you should beware next Thursday and bring an umbrella. Wait, that's not it.
    As @Reacon said, give us details. The more, the better. The more information you give, the better this community can narrow down possible troubleshooting paths for you to try.

  • OK
    1.I used VISUALV+NVR+PRSA for graphics.

    2.Added some ADD ON CAR(with gameconfig.) and both them can spawn successful.

    3.ASI used:

    4.scripts uded:
    *Better Chases

    5.ovi used
    *JDM Rims Pack
    *Realistic Weapons Sounds
    *world of variety

    6Game Version is newest 1493.1


    try removing the .asi's from your game, i know menyoo hasn't been updated for the newest patch could be the same for others

  • Might want to check out a new gameconfig such as this one, that tends to solve quite a few issues.

  • @Reacon I removed all asi. and scritps but not take effect,game crash again.maybe some addon cars cause it?

  • @Anonymoused281 crash again #_#

  • Are you using a mods and/or scripts folder for your mods? Try disabling those too (just rename the folders) and see if that helps. If you're not using a mods folder and are modding the base game itself, then you're a bit more SOL when it comes to reverting back for troubleshooting and you'll have to verify the game files (presuming Steam) in order to force it back to defaults to baseline it.

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