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NaturalVision weather change?

  • Hi folks.

    I'm new to GTA 5 and the installation of mods at this game. I managed to install NaturalVision and VisualV and now the textures look absolutely great.

    The only thing that seems to be disabled is the changing of weather. It is "extrasunny" all the time. I tried different settings in the timecyclemods.ini, but nothing changed at all. The ReadMe contains nothing, as well as the linked website.

    What did I do wrong?



    @Lalle75 delete timecyclemlds.ini as it isn’t needed and also take a look in any trainers to see if you’ve frozen the weather by accident

  • I deleted the ini file, but the weather stays the same. These two mods (NV and VisualV) are the only changes I made to the game.
    Or is it just, that the weather changes over some days and not hours?

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