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player skin changed when wasted by addonpeds

  • Hi.. when i play as frank in early game, and got wasted, the skin change automatically to michael. It seems addonpeds did this, because it was written after wasted "addonpeds change player to normal to avoid crash". How to fix this bug?

    Thx in advance


    You can't. You need the Pedselector.dll to use the mod and the code is in there.

  • so.. maybe i need to clarify things.. addonpeds works ok.. i press L key and i can change to any skin i have installed.. however is it normal if you use addonpeds and the player skin changed when you got wasted? and it happens also even if i don't use addonpeds ingame and just use original frank skins and outfit available..

    it's so unconvenient if it's normal..

  • Here is the complete video guide! The language is Hindi but there is english text at the end of the video!

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