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Open IV crashing the game

  • Hey Guys,

    I have had a looooong break at GTA, and only recently downloaded the latest update. Script Hook refreshing went just fine.

    Open IV however, is a pain in the back... :( The game crashes each and every time after the save file is about to load itself up.

    How do I know it is Open IV's fault? Because when I uninstall all plugins, the game works...

    What's wrong and how can I fix it? Could you give me a hand here? I did some "live" modding to the files outside the "mods" folder, I admit... I don't know if this could be the case because even then, the game did work...

    Thank you!

  • Okay, a step forward: I just confirmed that it is the OpenIV.ASI plugin that causes the crash. When it is uninstalled, the game runs and script-based mods are working.

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