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Addonped 3.0.1 problem! (dlclist changes causes crashes)

  • I installed addonped a while back been using the new one for a bit then all of a sudden the next hour when i restart my game, the ERR_FIL_PACK_3 shows up
    saying my game is corrupt and I need to reboot/verify the game data/reinstall the damn game.

    every time I just took out the <Item>dlcpacks:\addonpeds</Item> of the dlclist it works fine. all the other mods have no problems being loaded in by script hook/OpenIV, etc.

    I can play the game as long as i don't alter the dlclist and its been frustrating as hell as i've been trying different things to fix it from downloading.
    community dlclist to fix it but non has worked. I really want to play with the addonpeds and was hoping that someone had a work around. Thanks!

  • @Lazykore If you updated or did a full replace of your Addonped mod (since it is a new version from your previous), check your AddonPeds editor. Make sure the values and names stays unchanged and counter-check those names in your peds.rpf folder. Also, make sure in your dlclist for the addonpeds have two backslashes; \addonpeds\

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