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Car tuning problems

  • Hello,

    I started modding on past friday. I downloaded like 150 or so cars, installed them in packs of +-10. After installing some packages like that, I installed one with 2015 Dodge Challenger by Vans123. I always test out if my cars work after installing 1 package of those +-10 cars and I did so this time. I saw that I had only lights, wheels (colour and additional options for wheels) and window tint available. I just tried to remove all files related to that Challenger and ignore this mod. Few days later I installed RS6, the one with over 7k downloads and it had also only those 3 options in LSC. I removed it, tried the version which had 4k+ downloads. Everything was fine. Today I've installed last few mods (satellite map, rs6 sounds, ghibli s sounds, wipers), launched my GTA to check if the RS6 sound works and I came to LSC, I saw only those 3 parts available. I brought back original vehicles.meta (deleted one with new sound) and the problem is still on.

    Does anyone has a solution for my problem?

    Thanks up so much

  • And to make sure. I have original GTA5 (not steam version), Single Player Garage by mlgthatsme, Lambo Veneno handling by Tank Guy, Maserati Ghibli S & 2015 RS6 sounds by SoundsGood, Stretched Tire Wheel Pack by Ghost0921 & erfet, Windscreen Wipers by I'm Not MentaL & Yoha and 4K Satelite map by Designerappz. Of course a lot of car mods. If anyone thinks that there may be 1 car mod that does that, I can share my car mods list and maybe you'll figure out which one does.

  • I have the same problem, I have well all my cars, but I have all the kits: (

  • @Red_Eagle Thank you, lad! Just changed values for some cars up/down between 1-10 additional value and now it's all working fine. If you could let me know, do you have any idea why this S550 (https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/mercedes-benz-s-class-w221) has no tuning parts and sound? I tried changing those files, but it didn't help like it did for other mods and I have no sound on that car. Thanks up.

  • @Lonique I believe this car doesnt have any tuning parts and the sound problem seems to be general problem...but try to find an "audiohash" line in the vehicles.meta and enter a vehicle name which engine sound you want to use (i.e. SCHAFTER, etc.)

  • @Red_Eagle Thanks, I've put schafter5's audio. Now it's working all ok. About tuning parts, I've got the same problem that I've mentioned, so you know, I can't even change my Benz's colour in LSC. I guess w/e, I'll repaint it using a trainer.

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