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I don't understand mp character mods... Help.

  • Okay, so I installed some mods for the "mp female" so that I could customize it in sp using director mode.

    The problem is that director mode shows the online characters as question marks and tells me that they are unavaliable.
    This leads me to believe you actually have to be on GTA Online to make the character in the first place, but since GTA Online doesn't allow mods how the FUCK am I supposed to use an mp character mod in the first place.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but it's impossible to use them?

    -- Side note, I have other mods installed and I'm not very smart with WHERE I installed them because I have some memory loss issues. So even if playing GTA Online was possible with just the MP Female hair mods, it won't be for me anyway.

    Does this just mean that I'm screwed?

  • @Psywriter MP Female mods are meant for SP mode. The reason why they are called "MP" is simply because they are exclusive peds for the GTA Online which, you won't usually see in SP. Thus, the installation methods are very different from the normal SP ped installation. You can easily use a trainer which supports ped spawner to either spawn or replace your main character with it.

  • @LuciusAvette Thanks for the reply.

    I'm glad to get this cleared up!

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