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problem with mods folder......

  •           might be a stupid question, but I always have this problem after I reinstalled my game, after I create a mod folder, at first page, should I put update.rpf only or I need to put something else?  (if my memory is right I should put one more folder)

    if I put update.rpf only, the oiv file can be installed into the mod folder perfectly but the other replacement mods won't work......let me know if I made any mistakes thanks:)

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  • Replacement mods involves overwriting your game files unlike addon mods. I suggest you look through your mods' installation readme text files and check which game file/folder needs to be copied over.

    For an example for alex189 & saldin93's Holly Summer & Sylvia Christel No More Heroes [Add-On Ped | Replace] v1.1 mod, the replacement method requires you to have "x64v.rpf" in your mods folder. Other replacement mods may require different files & folders so you really have to look through all of your replacement mods' installation readme again.

  • @gentlejoey123458
    If you have the space on your Grand Theft Auto V install hard drive (Note: this will roughly double the size of your install) set your mods folder up like this & you shouldn't have to worry about it again :thumbsup:

    Mods Folder Install Setup

    • Create a 'mods' folder in your GTA install folder (where 'GTA5.exe' is)
    • Into the 'mods' folder copy & paste (don't move) from your GTA install folder:
      • 'update' folder ('update.rpf' is inside this folder. See pic)
      • 'x64' folder (if you don't intend to mod the game audio you can skip this & save yourself ~16GB of space)
      • All the '.rpf' archives ('common.rpf', 'x64a.rpf' > 'x64w.rpf' etc)

    This will allow you to edit vehicles, peds, weapons, sounds, anything you like really.
    All '.oiv' installers & mods will have what they need to install to the 'mods' folder correctly. No hunting for the correct '.rpf' archive in a mods prerequisites. Nice & simple, no confusion etc :thumbsup:
    The only real downside is you need another ~70GB (~140GB total game + 'mods' folder install size) of space on the hard drive to accommodate the duplicate 'mods' folder.
    Take your time & be methodical. There are lots of 'x64' folders in different locations containing different files. Make sure you don't get them mixed up :thumbsup:.

    If you don't have the space then buy a new hard drive (recommended) or do what @LuciusAvette says & carefully read the install instructions/mod page/comments etc & figure out what folder structure &/or '.rpf' archives you need in your 'mods' folder for the mod to work (bit of hassle/off-putting, slows down installing mods quickly etc. Just buy the hard drive already :slight_smile: :thumbsup:).
    Best of luck. Any other questions/issues let us know :thumbsup:

  • If any could give me a simple answer I’m really worried....I have a 256GB SSD and 2TB Toshiba external HardDrive
    I have all x64.rpf,Updates and x64 files copied in mods folder...now I have a total space of 36GB left on the SSD Internal drive...I mean I’m running out of space...now my question is Can I cut and paste all the x64.rpf files from game directory to and save it on my External Hard Drive to save space,,,???please helpπŸ˜”πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½
    I really need answers

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