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Game crashes after reloads / exit

  • Guys, I really need your help. :disappointed: After an update, my game started to crash each time I try to load a save file different than the most recent one. Also, each time I exit the game, I get a "GTA V exited unexpectedly" messge...

    I updated all resources, including script hooks, and rage plugin. I even uninstalled Open IV to see if that helps... nothing at all works. I still get problems in the mentioned areas.

    I remember that after an update I could not run the game at all... Only after I deleted the mods folder it ran as it should, but I can't get around this problem here. Could you help me out?

  • I just confirmed that the "scripts" folder is causing the trouble... But why? :/

    When it is deleted I can load game files normally... Any thoughts on that?

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