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my game is lagging / pausing

  • hi guys have the issue of lagging/pausing any ideas ? tried taking stuff out but no joy sometimes starts ok when first walk with character then starts lagging pausing when walking or driving.

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  • @conjames23
    The 'pausing' says 'memory usage limit reached' to me but could be a lot of things so here are a few ideas: :thumbsup:

    • Make sure 'GTA5.exe' is set to 'High' priority in Task Manager (Task Manager > Right-click 'GTA5.exe' > 'Set CPU Priority' > 'High'). You can use a program like Prio to set the priority permanently so that 'GTA5.exe' starts with 'High' priority every time (it reverts to 'Normal' priority each start otherwise).
      While you're at it, set 'GTAVLauncher.exe' (& maybe other non-vital, non-Windows processes) to 'Low' priority (or use a Launcher Bypass to stop it loading completely etc)

    • Manually set your Pagefile/Virtual Memory to a large defined amount rather than letting Windows alter it incrementally as it needs it.
      Windows 7/10 Instructions: Start Globe > Right-click 'Computer' ('This PC' for Win10) > 'Properties' > 'Advanced System Settings' (left hand side) > System Properties will open > 'Advanced' tab > 'Performance' area > Settings...' > 'Advanced' tab > 'Virtual memory' area > Change...' (phew) & then set a custom size of something like 16000 to 32000 or there abouts > 'Set' :thumbsup:

    • Use Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) to uninstall your GPU driver in Safe Mode before reinstalling the driver normally.

    • If you use a Nvidia card & use GeForce Experience to 'optimise' your games. Don't. You can optimise your games far better (for the most part) if you do it manually :thumbsup: GeForce Experience can get it right... sometimes, but in my experience it can mess things up & most of the time, my cat could do a better job.

    • Do a little manual check over your computer. Make sure everything is seated correctly & registers in Windows (correct amount of RAM shown? Correct CPU Frequency? etc). Check how defragmented the OS & game hard drive/s are (Note: Do NOT defragment a SSD!).

    • Try some software like MSI Afterburner that gives you a read out of all the temps/CPU usage/GPU Usage/Memory usage etc & monitor your computer to see what is getting hammered to 100% etc while you lag in-game. May be informative.
      Note: Don't be overclocking your GPU with Afterburner unless you know what you are doing! Just use the inbuilt monitoring functionality :thumbsup:

    If you are still having problems after all that a little more background detail on your problem might help.

    • Did the game work perfectly before & has now suddenly started lagging or is this your first install?
    • Are there any mods/changes you installed/made just prior to it starting to lag?
    • What are you computer specs?
    • Does your game lag everywhere or just in certain locations?
    • Has your computer started acting slow anywhere else?
    • Any other background info you think may be relevant. The more the better :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th thanks for your time will try them options

  • @conjames23 - I may have an even easier solution for you. But first, let me ask you a question - when was the last time you made some proper maintenance work on your computer?

    The reason I ask this is because this is what saved the game for me. I experienced some serious lagging and "stuttering" issues on my machine and nothing helped, no matter how complex and innovative the suggested remedy was.

    As a last resort, I took my computer to the service point where they didn't even hear me out completely before they said it is time to replace the thermal grease...

    And this was the perfect answer to my performance problems. The grease that was there from the beginning, worn-off after near two years of usage but when they replaced it, everything ran smoothly once again.

    Don't get me wrong - I am sure you may know about stuff like that more than I do. I just want to make you aware that it might be a mechanical problem instead of a software and hardware setup. Many people disregard the simplest solutions available...

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