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How do I open an RDF file to edit?

  • Hi

    How do I open an RDF file to edit it as I have tried Notepad ++ as suggested in the instructions but the program keeps telling me the file is to big to open is a 595MB file.

    I have looked around but so far nothing is opening the needed file for the Airforce One mod.


  • You mean RPF? You'll need OpenIV to open RPF files.

  • OK I seem to now be able to open the file needed to be edited but problem is it is defaulting it to open in MS Word which I only have the viewer for. Is there a setting in Open IV to change the default text editor that files open in as I checked but can't seem to find a way to open in a different editor such as Notepad++

    Also will it require me to change in the Options/General tab the work more to edit or should I just leave it at the default of read only?


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