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[SCRIPT] Vehicle Recording Tool for GTA V

  • Hey folks!

    Back in the day I was using this cool script tool for GTA IV

    It was a very useful tool where you could record yourself driving and play it back as AI.
    Heres a vid I made from it long ago

    Anyone have any idea if this can be made for GTA V?
    I mean isn't the beginning of the game where Franklin and Lamar grab the sports cars and race made using a pretty similar method???

    I got in touch with the author of this old mod and he had no desire to build one for GTA V.
    Is this possible script wise?

  • @rastakilla I think it's possible? There are "playback" natives that might be able to do this. Maybe the guy who did the GTA V Flashback mod knows how. His script is open source.

  • Bumped!

  • @stillhere Both the vehicle recording mod of IV and the flashback mod of V simply save all the properties of vehicles around you/the player, and then set them later. The big difference between the vehicle recording mod and the flashback mod is that the vehicle recording mod will task the driver of the vehicle to drive to each saved coordinate, while the flashback mod just sets the velocity/rotation.

    @rastakilla I might be interested in this. :)

  • @Jitnaught Been a huge fan of your mods!
    Would be awesome for this mod to happen.

  • @Jitnaught

    Had no idea there was even such a tool.
    Played around with it for a couple hours and yes vehicle recording and playing your recording as AI works flawlessly!
    I raced against 5 of my recordings before my game started to lag.
    The playback is pretty acurate also in Direct Mode....just gotta be sure to brake a little earlier on turns because the playback panics and will usually crash you into something if not.

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