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Problem with Menyoo Trainer.

  • Hi,
    i have problem with Menyoo Trainer, when i entering the car, my game crash with this error:

    Fatal: Can't find native 0x36D782F68B309BDA

    What solution do you have?

  • Menyoo is a "moody" resource... Sometimes it does crash a game and may cause weird behavior. It doesn't have to be a problem on your end.

    However, I suggest you specify which car is exactly causing this problem (or is it all of them?) and whether you spawned it into the game world or is it present on the scene.

  • @TheMurderousCricket This is happening with all cars and it does not matter if they are in the world or not spawned car.

  • I just made some simple tests and didn't notice anything wrong with Menyoo... Even when the left-side selection menu is open, I can get in a vehicle and experience no crashes.

    Are you sure you have all the required "ingredients" to run Menyoo? Do you have its newest version? Usually this causes 75% of trouble.

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