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Game Crashes - carcols.ymt issue(?)

  • Hello,

    My GTA5 usually crashes before the window even comes up (saying "GTA5 exited unexpectedly") or crashes a few mins whilst loading after clicking Story Mode.

    Was wondering if anyone could kindly help?

    I thought it may be because of my carcols.ymt , as the decryption of this earlier this year made it annoying to download mods that edit this.
    I use Natural Vision Remastered, Vanillaworks Extended, IVPack and New License Plates which all edit carcols - they all .oiv but I input the License Plate mod manually as it would overwrite the others.
    I did the usual export via xml, and dragged it back in but it still says the file is invalid (due to being edited outside of OpenIV?) and I can't edit it in OpenIV as OpenIV crashes if I try to open even the base game carcols...

    It is most likely the carcols.ymt. I have some add-ons and a few replaces too, but I doubt they are the issue.

    Thank you for reading this, I just put in the information about carcols incase.
    Would really appreciate if someone could respond/help, thanks :)

  • Can anyone help? :/


    put the vanilla corcols in see if that works

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Reacon Vanilla carcols doesn't work. Must be the carcols in general then or something else :/

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