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[MISC] [WIP] Reflectiveness ENB & ReShade

  • So this is something I've been working on for quite a while now and here's some screenshots of it, please bear in mind I'm still tuning it and nothing you see is final.
    As this uses ReShade 3.0 which doesn't really have a lot of shaders, there's not much space for me to tweak the ReShade Preset until Crosire ports more Shaders over from 3.0.
    As not many people use ReShade 3.0 this is kinda good because it means that you can combine other ReShade Presets that use 1.0 or 2.0 with mine as long as you use different .DLL injector and specify it in the ENB Proxy (should work without specifying anyway but yano)

    Reflectiveness Screenshots


    @Frazzlee Night screenshots looks very well from my pov, very clean and "realistic" ("realistic" because at least, where I live night are not like this at 100%), I like it ;)

  • @Reyser Thank you 😀 I am trying to tone the ENB so that it looks good in the day as well , might tine down overall reflections, or think of a way for a script to switch enb config files once it gets like into the morning

  • @yeahhmonkey yeah kinda that and what minecraft

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