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RED VS BLUE Halo Automobiles and Planes and Tanks

  • I am planning a Halo/Red VS Blue Project for GTA V and I am wondering if someone is willing help Converting several stuff for me plus I will find and get 3D models as well manly the Characters from RED VS Blue and the Main Automobiles and Tanks and with the Warthog can change Different Turrets hand have them Automatic not manned like the EMP (Relocation) Rocket Launchers and Machine Guns and of course the Scropien Class Tank AKA Sheela I would like a team to help on this if poissable thanks

  • I wish that we could have the pelican, UNSC Infinity and other spaceships :) :innocent: !!! Just thinking Halo...G.L

  • Well thats part of the Halo Project as well

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