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game crashes regardless of gameconfig, need help new to gtaV modding

  • Hi, so i just recently began modding my game and immediately experienced crashes after modding in more than 4 vehicles (cars and planes/) after reading and watching some youtube videos i downloaded F7YO's game config but the game still crashes, i then proceeded to download ALL of them and each had negative results, I know i installed Open IV correctly and i have the most current install of the game through Steam, if i install the mods below three in any combination the game loads and the assets are usable in-game so I know I'm installing them correctly and uninstalling them...

    other points, I am using a mods folder and all work is done in the update folder copied to my mods folder...

    also because it may be unclear, when i say i downloaded all of them, i was being slightly hyperbolic i did download more than 6 different gameconfigs including F7YO's and each of them lead to game crashing with 4+ mods

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