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"Lore Friendly" tag should be meaningful

  • I believe a "lore friendly" tag should have a level of meaning to it, because right now almost anything can be considered "lore friendly" on 5Mods.
    Example: this:

    It's a decent vehicle pack, don't get me wrong, but why is it considered "lore friendly"? The livery is not based on the IRL LAPD or in-game LSPD, the vehicles aren't lore friendly, so this cannot be considered a "lore friendly" mod.

    Tags should be able to be used meaningfully to help people search for mods. Searching for "lore friendly" should give you lore friendly vehicles.

    Is this just a rant? Probably. But having things correctly tagged is fairly important on a site designed to let people find mods.

  • Please report mods that have incorrect tags, saying which tags are wrong and why.

    That mod is on the edge of lore-friendly I guess, since they say "Los Santos Police," but that is it. I'll leave it to another moderator to make the judgement call of if that's lore-friendly or not.


    I concur

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