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What is content. XML and setup2.xml

  • What does those files work? If I delete or replace in(update.rpf>Dlcpatch>Exampledlc)why gta 5 crash it is important files I had a issue 1.42 update Where Weapons not showing up I don't know I checked files all OK I thinks it's content. XML issue please help and also what is Dlc_patch folder in update. Rpf can someone plz explain me ? Thanks



    content.xml is the file that specifies the paths of the files that the game will load. In other words, when you start your game, during the loading screens it goes to every one of the paths that you can find in any content.xml and reads the content of each file that's specified there.

    setup2.xml, if I'm not wrong, are the properties of a DLC. The name of the file is already telling us that's an specific "setup" for it. There's not much to do with it, but you can take a look here and see how it's used for an Add-On. Is the best way to understand the things. "Trial, error, trial, error, trial and finally success".

    dlc_patch folder in update/update.rpf/ is the place where Rockstar Games places the modifications (patches) they do to a previously released DLC. They do that to avoid having to download the whole DLC content again, so if a DLC is 1.5GB size but the update only takes 200MB, they'll be able to just update the 200MB. The original DLCs are found in update/x64/dlcpacks/, while the updates are located in update/update.rpf/dlc_patch.

    I hope this helps you to understand a bit better how works the basic game stuff.

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