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[New Chicken Joint] [Lucky Plucker ] [REPLACEMENT WIP] [WIP]

  • Hello this is my first building mod I am testing out to replace the old lucky plucker. I have to make colliders for each object right now it uses the old ones from piece of the old building so you cant walk in. A couple of things was not textured too so this is a WIP. I keep getting a CTD right now so it took a while to get these pictures but thats cause of reshade i will fix that later. For now rebuilding Gta one thing at a time .

    0_1542531197356_store f test small.jpg
    0_1542529727623_20181118003757_1.jpg 0_1542529735215_20181118003251_1.jpg 0_1542529748497_20181118003319_1.jpg 0_1542529757530_20181118003723_1.jpg 0_1542529762447_20181118003725_1.jpg![0_1542530961102_store f test.jpg]0_1542531262725_store chicken 01.jpg

  • Will you be finishing this? I'd love to have this!

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