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What is the Function For Setting Skills? (Can't Find it In Game.Player/.Character)

  • I can't seem to find how to set/modify player skills like Stamina, Driving or Shooting.

    I have looked through Game.Player & Game.Player.Character and I'm not sure where else to look.

    Thanks for all help.

  • We can mark this as Solved I think.

    The Stats:
    string Stamina = "SP0_STAMINA";
    string Shooting = "SP0_SHOOTING_ABILITY";
    string Strength = "SP0_STRENGTH";
    string Stealth = "SP0_STEALTH_ABILITY";
    string Flying = "SP0_FLYING_ABILITY";
    string Wheelie = "SP0_WHEELIE_ABILITY";
    string Lung = "SP0_LUNG_CAPACITY";

    To set the stats for X character change the number after SP.
    PlayerZero = Micheal = SP0
    PlayerOne = Franklin = SP1
    PlayerTwo = Trevor = SP2

    The Native:
    StatSetInt(GetHashKey("SP0_SHOOTING_ABILITY"), 100, false);


    You can see all stats in common.rpf/data/spstatssetup.xml and mpstatssetup.xml.

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