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[Tutorial] MLO Interiors part 2 [custom exit portals]

  • Interior exit portals are not teleports. Its cords defined in interiors ytyp corresponds to x,y,z of 4 corners. Its used for windows or doors which makes outside world visible inside interior thru windows/doors or interior visible while standing outside thru windows/doors:

    To understand how to set portal you can use existing interior (like v_int_3 – it got one door and three windows) take cords for portal from v_int_3.ytyp and use them in 3dsmax (IMPORTANT – use always collision not shell):

    If you want to edit existing vanilla interior (adding doors for example) you need to edit shell of interior, its collision and (if its door to outside) exterior building with its static collision (this is in part 1 tuto) add portal for this door in ytyp place whole interior by ymap or edit existing ymap by adding count of exit portals +1 (if interior stays at its place)

    In 3dsMax create plane with 1x1 segments:
    alt text
    Place it at place where should be doors (or window if you making one)
    Then change to editable mesh or poly and select vertex (there will be vertex at each corner)
    alt text
    <corners content="vector3_array"> corresponds to 4 corners for that custom door what you made depends hows you looking at door, cords counted will be:

    1. If you looking at door inside room – Left Down, Left UP, Right UP, Right Down
      alt text
    2. If you looking at door outside room – Right Down, Right UP, Left UP, Left Down
      alt text

    :exclamation: IMPORTANT to take coords in 3ds always use interiors collision, not shell! :exclamation:

    To add portal copy existing one in ytyp, then edit it:
    alt text

    and add x,y,z values from plane corners correspond to above screens.
    For flag use 8256 for doors or 9 for window (I don’t know yet what each flag do)
    Outside is always room 0 other numbers for rooms are correspond to each room in interior and are set in interior collision.

    When you added 4corners to portal you need add 2 things in ytyp:

    1. Number of portals for room which got this new door +1
      <portalCount value="add here +1"/> <-you add here depend how many new portals created
      alt text
    2. Same thing for limbo:
      alt text
      You add here number of portals depend how many new portals created (if you created one door and two windows will be add +3)

    and in ymap which you placed whole interior
    <numExitPortals value="add here +1"/> <-you add here depend how many new portals created
    alt text

    At part 3 I will show how to create custom interior as MLO instance for custom room in custom house in custom DLC +how to make mirror by portal

  • I kiss ur eyes :grin:

  • Fixed screenshots, if they will not work tag me.

  • @Dekurwinator They don't work

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman ty for info. I Will change image hosting when back from work.

  • You are the best interior modder!

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