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Update.rpf problem

  • Re: How to keep work mods in 'update.rpf' after update ?
    guys i have problem . every time i tried to add on cars my update.rpf in the modes folder would be different version from the gta v update.rpf, so my trainer would not work unless i copy original update.rpf replace it with the one in the modes folder . basically, i cant add any car


    @LeGendaryZeox I don’t understand your question. add-on cars don’t work because your update.rpf is a different version from the one outside the mods folder?

  • @Reacon yes that's correct, so when i add on any car i always use my trainer to spawn them, but since my update.rpf in the mode folder is a different version from the original update.rpf, my trainer is not working crashing and that led me unable to spawn add on cars.

  • Whoa, you lost me there a bit. Let's slow down and break it up...

    If your trainer refuses to work, it probably means that script hook is not up to date or that either trainer or S Hook is located in the wrong place.

    As far as the "mods" folder is concerned, many mods written into update.rpf need update to new game version... Is that what you mean?

  • I Think I understood what you said, Your Update.RPF is {example} 1.44 but the Update Rpf in the Mods folder is 1.43 and it crashes because of 2 different update.RPF versions? I Think that you need to update the "mods" folder update by copying the new DLC name in the dlclist file in the mods folder? { I'm just guessing, I'm not responsible for anything}

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