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Gameconfig editing

  • Hello fellow modders !! So here is the thing I need some knowledge about basic stuff to edit gameconfig just for my personal use !! I want help from experienced modders so if anyone’s out there free to help please send me email id or something so that I can have a personal conversation with you !!

    // edit ReN : moved


    ... Or you can expand on your questions here?

    A lot has been written on gameconfig.xml editing for example in the upload description and comments section on Willief32 version and also in the newer one by F7YO

  • @ReNNie
    Alright actually I wanted help from F7YO only, I mean coz he creates like many variations of gameconfig anyways I can ask here only... so here’s the thing :-

    I have a lot of add-ons, usually I download them and then compile then into one no problem.. but still there are like 20 dlc in my game including most of the cars and rims and other stuff
    My query is I am desperate to use world of variety As it is too good I used it at the time when it was intially released and loved it... since then it has improved very much but the thing is it changes the gameconfig completly and limits it to 10-12 dlcpacks (atleast in my case its 12), any more dlc’s... and my game crashes...
    This makes my add ons useless as usually WOV adds 3 dlcs packs in the folder then there comes 3-4 rims pack which I dont edit then there comes map builder and finally some car mods which use scripts and there you have it 12 dlcpacks with no add on vehicles practically !!!

    So I tried to edit gameconfig myself and made the game working again but doing so I changed a lot of values due to which WOV was not working properly
    I mean all the scenarios were not happening.

    I just want to know which values inc the memory or to say the no. Of dlcpacks I can have so that I can have more dlc packs along with a working WOV

    I tried everything that Cass (developer of WOV) said in the readme but nothing worked I used WOV lite but its not that intriguing.

    There you have it the full story now can anyone of you good people help me find the right values to change in the gameconfig


    why not use the gameconfig.xml from F7YO
    and compare poolsize entries one by one with the gameconfig.xml from Cass

    on the poolsizes that are higher in number in Cass's gameconfig.xml
    copy over those numbers in the one from F7YO?

    presto, best of both worlds

  • @ReNNie

    I did that only but like I said the game runs no problem but Scenarios not happening and actually I am playing right now and noticed my map disappear after some distance.. like it takes time to load Idk


    @Raval said in Gameconfig editing:

    like it takes time to load Idk

    are you using replacement cars in your game?

    that is a memory leak issue on the way V handles memory which afaik can't be solved with poolsizes

    you are using the HeapLimitAdjuster thingie?

  • @ReNNie
    Yeah I use replace vehicles and I removed some of them also I use heap limit adjuster and there was one more mod I don’t remember the name correctly but it was like pack limit adjuster something like that
    And yeah gta 5 has a major issue of memory leak but I didn’t had this problem (map disappearing) earlier today only

  • Look I just want to know the specific values that allow more dlcpacks that’s it so that I dont change any other value at all hell I won’t even touch them


    only replace vanilla cars with cars that feature LODS else this bug will haunt you forever

  • @ReNNie
    I know that but can you help me in this problem you are the moderator so maybe contact these people F7yo or someone else who can assist me I have told you all the solutions from my side its time for some expert to help me !!! I know gameconfig has to be edited but where exaclty coz as of right now it feels vanilla game only and I don’t even se a plane flying in the game right now


    you could try to tag @F7YO in his gameconfig.xml comment section
    but it seems @MorbidTurtle22 is the helping hand there

    best of luck.

  • I have got to a level where I can easily create addons from replace models but models like sheriff and ambulance don’t need to be added on they are just for improving the experience so I know my replace mods are not faulty here

  • @ReNNie thanx bro but how can I contact him

  • @F7YO @MorbidTurtle22 help me guys !!!

    You guys can see the severity of the problem that I am having and please help me I am online for another hour and then will be able to reply the next day only
    Either I can send you the copy of the gameconfig that WOV installs and you edit it for me or help me out here so that whenever game updates I don,t have to come running asking for help!!!

  • @Raval So, you want more than just a few addon vehicles while using F7YO's gameconfig, is that correct?
    If that is the case, I would suggest you look into the combination of dlc's.
    Here is a link to show you how to do that.

    Just so you know, this will not replace any vehicles and only add them on. So only you will be driving them, and they won't be flying around in the sky by ai, or driving around by ai.

  • @MorbidTurtle22

    Nope that’s not the problem

    Listen I know how to combine dlc and I do it always, all I want is to use these dlc’s along with WOV and due to WOV restricting the no. of dlc I can have it is becoming diff. For me to have more dlc installed. I just want to know the values that need to be inc. in the gameconfig (specifics only)

    I have some huge dlc packs like 5-6gb huge and I dont want to exceed that amount thats why I have like 5-6 dlc like these made by myself only.

    It doesn’t matter if Ai drives it or not And if I want that I can do it too by editing popgroups.ymt so I know that

    I guess you didn’t read my thread it explains everything so let me explain you the whole problem once again step by step

    1. Currently using update.rpf with one of the gameconfig from f7yo, okay..

    2. Then I package install WOV in the game “WHICH COMPLETELY REPLACES THE GAMECONFIG”
      So it doesn’t matter whether you are using vanilla gameconfig or one of the many f7yo’s one

    3. Now it limits my mods folder to have 10-12 dlcpacks only


    5. I changed random values in gameconfig which messed up the WOV.

    I hope you understand the problem

    You don’t have to worry about combining dlc I have mastered that and that’s why its not the problem I just want to edit GAMECONFIG


    @Raval said in Gameconfig editing:

    I changed random values

    :face_palm_tone2: and I advised you to look into detail which poolsize values in the WOV gameconfig.xml have a higher number than in F7YO'S and incorporate those values. So compare side by side each xml

    And dlcpacks that are 5 to 6GB big? :congratulations:

  • @ReNNie
    I really appreciate you people helping me out but I told you that I did that only but it messed up scenarios in the game
    And yes nearly 5-6 gb of dlcpacks I have collected almost every 4-5 star car mod from the site and combined them in course of nearly a year I have been doing this for a long time and have made amazing dlc packs for my own use

    Please help me with the problem this is not the topic In which I want help I want help in gameconfig

  • Is it really that much of an issue to tell me the very values that I need to change, I mean I am just asking for the SPECIFIC pool values that I have to change rather than changing every value !!!


    Modders upload gameconfig telling unlimited add-ons
    (which is ofcourse not possible) but they change the values in gameconfig, WHAT ARE THE VALUES THAT THEY CHANGE !!!


    Ah now that you mention it, you said that yes.

    So you're saying that on the WOV gameconfig.xml alone your scenarios aren't bugged, yet as you copy over those higher poolsize values over to F7YO'S your scenarios are bugged?

    Nevermind. If you start screaming and demanding help, you're definitely on your own.

    I'm out.

  • @ReNNie

    I should have written NO HARD FEELINGS

    And I am not screaming for the past 12 hours I am asking the same question and you guys are deviating from the topic and I am frustated that I am asking for simple values and no one is telling me.

    And by the way bro you asked the same question of comparing the values in 3rd reply of the thread and I replied the same only so I don’t see if I am screaming I am just simply asking

    If you want to delete the thread or remove it go on you are a moderator you can do it but this is not going to solve my problem

    I tagged those guys in the thread but instead of solving my gameconfig issues they started teaching me how to combine dlc that I already know

    Now you tell me what should I do I am asking you people so nicely and really appreciating your comments but thats not helping

  • @ReNNie

    One thing more I really appreciate that you finally understood the problem now despite of me telling the same thing for 1000 times 😂😂😂

    Anyways your call if you want to help me or not I will try to ask someone else untill my problem is solved


    I understand your frustation honestly

    if and when I can find time, I'll go and take a look into both gameconfig.xml's this Friday

  • @ReNNie

    Appreciated !!!


    alt text

    Let's try this

    1. use Cass's WOV gameconfig.xml;
    2. increase below values in that:
    							<PoolSize value="365935"/>
    							<PoolSize value="65200"/>
    							<PoolSize value="686500"/>
    							<PoolSize value="120200"/>
    							<PoolSize value="6100"/>
    							<PoolSize value="44000"/>

    and in the <ConfigModelInfo> section

    					<MaxVehicleModelInfos value="6320"/>
    					<MaxExtraVehicleModelInfos value="14310"/>

    congratulations, you have now merged the values from the individual gameconfig.xml's to best of both worlds
    fingers crossed

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