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Dispatch meta troubles...

  • I'm not sure how it's happening, and I've looked time and time again for solutions but none of them are working.
    So, I decided to add different vehicles at wanted level 5 [mesa3,rhino,barracks,cog552] etc. but whenever I see these vehicles there's no ped inside. I have Rage Plugin Hook and LSPDFR so I thought they might be why and it seems the pedless cars issue has appeared on other peoples' games with LSPDFR on and the solution they found was to run "cleanworld true" in the RPH Console... yet that's not working for me. And no matter what I do, I still get these pedless vehicles and it's really annoying.

    Is there something I'm doing wrong in the Dispatch meta? Cause it's only happening for specific vehicles and will work if I change it to a random vehicle but that's not what I changed the meta for in the first place.


    as you don't post your dispatch.meta and vehicles.meta on this issue it's a tad hard to give a helping hand

    driver peds are assigned in both those meta's so my first guess would be a syntax error in dispatch.meta or just maybe V doesn't like it when the driver ped names between both meta's don't match up

  • Wait, so I have to modify the vehicle meta as well?


    I don't think so

    but I'm not sure if the ped name in dispatch.meta overrules the one set in vehicles.meta, do think it does

  • I found out the issue!

    In the vehicles.meta you need to include the flag "FLAG_LAW_ENFORCEMENT" for it to work.

    Do you know how to close the thread because I don't...

    // edit ReN : closed on request


    glad you got it sorted
    thanks for posting the solution for future reference!

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