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[Tools/Scripts] Turbolag system/script whit configuration menu maybe

  • so for a long time i have wanted to have a realistic turbo lag in gta 5 as there is barely any if there is even but i was thinking it could be done whit torque multiplier set on surtant engine speed's /rpm's, like from idle to 1.5k would be 1x torque, from 1.5k to 3k would be 1.7x torque and from 3k to 6k would be 2.5x torque and then 6 to 7.5k would be 2x (to be more realistic as the turbo has the optium rpm) and if it would have a menu to adjust the torque multiplier for surtan rpm's. i mostly would use this in fivem so if its possible to be done as i think it would need to be a asi to be used in fivem.

    here is a clip of whats turbolag if you dont know>

    the firs clip on the vid is the turbolag

    Thanks anyways if there are any tries for this!...

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