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Question about GTA V's very first PC version.

  • I want to try something on GTA V 1.0 version. By 1.0 I mean the very first state the PC version was in when it was released on PC. The first day - so no updates.

    I still have all the 6 or 7 dvd's that I bought on release day. Now, if I install GTA V from dvd - instead of didigtal download (GTAV Download tool) and then I quickly cancel before it starts updating, would the game work? (I don't care about GTA Online part because I'm banned anyway so I only want to reach story mode).

    Is this possible?

  • hi you can use that https://fr.gta5-mods.com/tools/no-gtavlauncher no launcher = no update

  • you can also play this online or on the console if you are stuck in PC issue.
    You may get various series of it I think if go through online.

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