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Showcase : Ask for release Screenshots

  • Hey everyone !

    Here feel free to request some screenshots for your next release project, sometimes modders don't have great graphism so i was thinking about this thread to solve that.

    Sorry for bad english i hope you understand the idea ! c ya

  • Up up up :blush:

  • @eltece Ahah just create, are you mods maker or screen shooter ?

  • @Zeiko You can guess it :3
    alt text


    Oooh yes. Do you do vague scripting mods?

    I've been planning to make something for my Manual Transmission & Steering Wheel Support 4.0 release. As you can see I just used an image of a very early prototype Proof-of-Concept from a YouTube video, eons ago, before I properly ported it to C++.

    Problem is, I've got no idea how to show it. I played with the thought of pasting a G27 image on there with a shifter or something. Got any ideas?

    I plan for a GoPro-first person video, but that isn't an image of course.

  • @ikt I just see you mod ! Awesome work BTW but i think the video you made is the better way to explain what you mod do, screenshots arent very usefull no ?


    Ah, I'll focus on that then. Thanks.

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