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Mod Installations

  • Every time I try to install ANY mod as of now with "extratitleupdatedata.meta" my game crashes but I have cars installed in there that work, also half of my "dlclist.xml"s do not install anymore. Results in a game crash.

    Is there a way to view crash logs with OpenIV? also is there a cap of how many mods/tweaks you can install?

    Not sure if this matters, but I have a purchased version of GTA through Steam.
    If you need anymore information, feel free to ask.



    please be more specific in your question and post logs, dlclist.xml via pastbin and other information that helps

    the more detailed and clearer you describe and peel off your questions the more easier it is to assist

    up until date I have never made any changes to extratitlemetatitleupdatethingie whatsoever btw


    Before I even check those, did you install a custom gameconfig.xml and made sure your game runs with it?

  • I’m pretty sure you don’t need to do anything with extratitleupdate.meta as I’ve never put any mods in it

    As @ReNNie said, have you got a custom gameconfig?



    Never update the extratitleupdatedata.meta file if is not a Rockstar Games game DLC update. It's useless for Add-Ons, since Add-On mods never will be patched in /update.rpf/dlc_patch/ folder.

    For dlclist.xml file, just add a new Add-On line to the original file of your game each time you install an Add-On and never replace it with the one that comes with mods, since they can be outdated!

  • I did not install a custom gameconfig, I did not know the version of my game until late last night before I fell asleep, and how come ALL cars break even the ones with just modifying the dlclist.xml ?

    I'll install a custom game config now and check back in after it's done to see if the problem is still happening, thank you all for the feedback so far.

  • That was indeed the problem that I did not have the custom gameconfig.xml

    Heres the link to where I got mine if anyone else is having this problem, or just needs it! gameconfig.xml

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