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People putting paywalls on copyrighted content

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  • @MomokaChan You go around the mods site giving half stars to any Star Wars, Marvel, DC mods because those violate the copyright. Why don't you start doing with the same with Forza, Need For Speed, COD models uploaded here? You are right, but those mods are not for sale, all the mods are for free.
    And you are right about Meth0d though. He is selling his mods, which is unacceptable.

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  • @MomokaChan You are right, but there are no "premium mods" here.

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  • @MomokaChan I refuse to pay for any mods, just like I refuse to charge, or take donations for mine.

    Modding is a hobby and you either do it because you want to do it, or you don't do it at all. I hate these modders that play the guilt trip card "[Insert Software Name] is not free, I need money to pay for it....". Electricity isn't free and I need money to pay for that but I wouldn't use that as an excuse to play the "Give me money" card.

    If modders can't afford the software, they should stop using it and stop modding. They have no problems taking someone else's work for free, so why should we pay them for theirs? I'm sure they'd be the first to complain if their mods were being used on other sites without their permission... like the models they are using in their own mods.

    The most important factor is that it draws attention to this site for all the wrong reasons. If companies get wind of the fact that people are getting money in exchange for copyrighted content, it could attract the wrong kind of attention.

    I would say that original creations should be allowed to display a PayPal button or ask for donations but anything that is licensed or copyright, should not... especially things like that Anakin Skywalker mod you commented on, that has a "Personal use only" license on it as well.

  • Hope I don't come off as hypocrite here, since I have a donation button as well, but let me finish first.

    I have to agree with you, I have just recently stumbled upon this Patreon bullshit way and I gotta say that it's pretty weak to have people have to pay to get the mods. I don't really see the issue if you keep it optional. Hell, I have gotten a few bucks, but nothing substantial and I still release stuff as I please. If you only do it for the money, you're either in the wrong business or should start making scratchmods yourself. I'm gonna lean out the window here and say that ped mods don't even require much work outside of skeletal adjustments at all. At least proper vehicle models do some work on their cars in the modelling aspect and not just convert them over from Forza by adjusting respective parts and dummies (well, those guys also exist but I hope you get my point).
    I'd rather take donations in form of models bought by members for me to convert, that way I can at least properly give it back. But this need to pay for mod access should not be tolerated at all. If people want to it voluntarily to show support, I say let'em.

  • Can't you report those pages to the companies? Pretty sure it can be taken down by that DMCA thingy, selling copyrighted material for profit.

    Also lmao I got a G27 only because people kept begging for proper wheel support, if anything modding is a money sink in addition to already being a timesink.

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  • Might as well consider setting up a Patreon to get funds to purchase all these wheels and controllers people want me to support :sweat_smile:

    jk, things somehow work and the feedback from people is really good and usable.

  • There will always be people asking money for things they create, which I can understand as creating mods takes a huge amount of time and even costs money. Relying on PayPal is not an option, as hardy anyone donates.

    So who are you to say this is not "allowed" and should be free? Pretty sure what free modders are doing is not exactly allowed either (as most are based on models illegally ripped from other games), it's just not enforced - so I don't think there is a difference between the two.

    Instead of complaining just enjoy the free mods out there, or start learning how to mod yourself.

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  • @tk0wnz
    I'd be pissed off if somebody just re-hosted my mod, claimed it was their work and got widespread attention from it, or even something of monetary value.

    If they decide to put it in a paid product, if they just credit me as rightful author of that part, I'd have no complaints.

  • @tk0wnz You also can't sell mods that contain models you bought, that's also highly illegal and in violation of copyright laws.

  • Lol what are you guys going on about. I said I know it's illegal, and I don't like it either, but only tried to let you guys see the other side of the story - which is that modding takes a lot of time and isn't free either. So if the modder isn't getting any donations to support his zmodeler license, then I can see why he's asking for a bit of money for maybe a few of his mods...

  • @tk0wnz That makes sense, but it is still likely illegal under most circumstances, like you said.

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