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Replace & add-on cars spawn in one colour only in traffic

  • Vanilla cars appear in different colours, as they should. But whenever I replace a car, it only appears in traffic in one colour (remember there is no data edited). The same goes for add-on cars added to popgroups.ymt also.
    This was on a completely clean install (ASI Loader + OpenIV.asi and openCamera being the only things installed).

    I really have no clue what the issue is, I always had my traffic replaced with car mods without this issue.

    Does anyone have a clue?

  • Its about car mod. Check its carvariation.meta. It stands for spawning cars in random colors and extras.


    @inbetweendays_ dud you see the VW discord reply by BooRock?

    i couldn't remember if replace vehicles were different but for add-on vehicles you need to edit vehicles.meta file and find that line "maxNumOfSameColor" and set its value to zero, so you'll get your car spawned with different colors

    I forgot about this, so if your problem is related to the cars spawning in traffic single color, then indeed it's not only carvariations.meta you need to edit

  • @inbetweendays_ exactly as @ReNNie says, you need to change the value of maxNumOfSameColor line to whatever suits your need but also you should take a look at the carvariations.meta file to see how many color variations are defined for that car.The line in carvariations.meta shoul look like this:

    <indices content="char_array">
    and so it goes.Those numbers you see represent a certain color in game.
    Let's say for our case you want to spawn Turismo Classic and for example if there is only 87 in that indices no other numbers but just 87.In this case, the game controls first carvariations.meta and sees that 87 which simply tells the game Turismo Classic will only be spawned with color code 87.But if you try to add any number between 0-255 then the game takes also consideration of maxNumOfSameColor value and spawn as many cars as possible with many color combos.

    Hope this will make things clear and easier for you.

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