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trouble downloading.

  • I'm new to modding and just got my first pc. i wanted to download open iv to start modding gta v. only one problem... whenever i hit the download button the new tab opens then loads indefinitely. went to the open iv website and the website won't even load for me! any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Yea, I think their website is messed up right now. I have the latest version if you want me to email you the file just give me your email


    I see no problems on my end

    OpenIV »

    alt text

  • I got it downloaded im just having trouble with matching the file for open iv I simply downloaded it and gta 5 Opened gta 5 and tried to run open iv I go to desktop because that is where gta is and it doesn't show up on any file either. Could any of you help me if so thank you.

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