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[Sound] Audi RS5-R Farts Sound [Work in Progress][Need Help]

  • Hi guys,

    I was looking to do something that sound more realistic for that car, but i had a problem with those granular (shitty?) sound...
    Custom Pop exhaust sound good but i can't do a correct one for the engine...
    I've stop thinking at making a custom wav sound because eveytime it sound different or broken ingame.

    The base of the custom .awc sound is the xls so unfortunately the engine is a bit too silent, the perfect sound would be from the comet2 but its not a DLC sound. The comet2 sound seems to be "supercar_1_eur_flat6" (correct me if i'm wrong) but when you use it in the xls.awc it sound like a vacuum cleaner... (If u change the Hz its same)

    So in fact i don't even know if its possible to do.
    If anyone have a idea ? I would beg for it :sweat_smile:

    Best regards.

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