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How many add on cars can u have in ur game?

  • Hey I’ve been nodding gta 5 for 2 moths now and I recently wanted to install add on car mods, I was wondering how much add on cars could I have without the game crashing?


    @AloneArchANGEL I've had more than 400 added vehicles installed without problems. It is not the fact of how many you can put, but how do you install them and which do you use.

    I recommend the following:
    1.- Don't exceed the 3,5GB/Add-On vehicles folder size. More than that size can corrupt the DLC and make your game crash.
    2.- Defragment the DLC folders everytime you make vehicle model changes, like removing or adding a vehicle.
    3.- Install vehicles that were tested by other people and worked for their game. If you do that and there's is a problem when you installed it, then the problem is not the mod, but your fault in the installation process.
    4.- Do everything carefully, not rushing the process. You must be sure that everything you do is correct and you did not any mistake. Or if you're not sure about an step, keep in mind that if the game creashes maybe there's a problem with such step.

  • Hehe, reminds me of my little carelessness of modding GTA 5 directly within the game folder instead of "Mods" directory. Heavens... what a mess it was. :smirk:

  • Oh goodness I'm scared now. I have the GTA4 car pack (who doesn't have this) and I made a custom DLC with every vehicle I've collected from here, my mods and the ones I bug fixed myself and both of those folders are around 1gig together.

    So does that 3.5gig limit stand for 1 folder's size or for your entire mods folder total size?


    @GTAV-Noob-Modder117 said in How many add on cars can u have in ur game?:

    So does that 3.5gig limit stand for 1 folder's size

    single dlc.rpf in a dlcpacks\dlcpackname folder


    @GTAV-Noob-Modder117 You can reach 3.5gb (or a higher size, which I don't recommend) for each dlc.rpf file.

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