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OpenIV search feature?

  • Kind of a silly question but whenever I try to use the search box to find a specific file name & extension in the top right corner of the OpenIV window it always comes up with no results even tho I know a cirten file IS under the dyrectory in searching in. How do you use it?

  • @Weirdoutworld The box in the top right corner is a filter, you get the search box with Control + F3

    Or it's also in Tools > Search

    Next time you open up OpenIV, just type .dll into that box and you will see it only shows dll files. Once you've done your search, you then use that box to narrow the results down by filtering out the ones you don't want to see.

  • This feature is awesome.... type in whatever you're looking for say... primo.yft and it will find that file in every folder it may be placed in. Some cars have the same files in 3 different folders.

  • Ohhhh! Ok. Thanks!

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