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Changing the skin of all three main characters impossible

  • I am trying to change the skin of all three main characters (Michael/Franklin/Trevor).

    I am using addonPeds Editor and Character Swap. With these two mods I am able to change the skin of one main character and also use him in Story missions. But when I want to change the skin of another main character, the other one turns back to his default skin. For Example: Playing as Trevor, loading a skin upon him, then using character swap so that the game sees me as Trevor again and not as an npc. But when I go to Franklin and change his skin, as soon as I go back to Trevor he is normal again.

    I would like to play the main story with all three main characters in custom skins.

    Please help me!


    no other choice then to mod the characters themselves me thinks
    so replace textures or model meshes in the x64 achives
    eg like Paul Walker replace Trevor

  • ok, but is it possible to replace them with skins that have only 4 files? Most downloadable skins have only .ydd/.yft/.ymt/.ytd. And what also confuses me is that the main characters have also update files or something like that for example player_zero in "patchday4ng".

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