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The best way to manage GTA V folder(s)

  • I want to use two, separate sources to run GTA from. One dedicated entirely to the regular story mode and all types of scripts / car mods etc. and one dedicated entirely to LSPD:FR and Rage Plugin that it requires.

    How should I approach this? I keep hearing about having a duplicate folder for occasions like this. Is that enough? I'm afraid that after new DLC comes out I'll be required to update two GTA directories that way...


    @TheMurderousCricket You can create 2 "mods" folders and install the mods separately on them. When you want to don't use one of them, rename it to something else than "mods", for example "nomods" and OpenIV won't recognize it. Keep in mind that you'll only be able to use one "mods" folder, not both at the same time.

    Of course you'll have to update both folders everytime that the game gets updated.


    Oh heck. If didn't even think of that for a festive season snow mod folder. Cheers!

  • Thanks for the tip @Reyser but LSPD:FR is not installed as a mod and does not go into the "mods" folder. All files are installed to the main directory so...

    Does that mean that I have to duplicate the entire 80GB-worth GTA V folder? :dizzy_face:


    @TheMurderousCricket LSPD:FR does need of an specific script file to be loaded, right?

    If yes, then you'd only need to remove the required script and it won't (or at least shouldn't) load. If it works that way, you just need to do that when you don't want to use LSPD:FR.
    If you prefer to keep things individually or the previous method doesn't work, then yes, you'll have to duplicate the game folder.

  • @Reyser It's not even that there is a script, but the fact that Rage Plugin is needed to run LSPD:FR. Having said that, all Rage Plugin files go directly to the GTA V's main directory, so duplicating "mods" folder seems useless. This is why I suspect the whole main directory needs to be copied...

    Anyway, we agree that something needs to be copied or moved. The question is what in particular. :slight_smile: Maybe you are right that it is even enough to simply remove the Rage files... But I'm afraid moving them out and back time and again may break something...


    @TheMurderousCricket I didn't remember that it requires Rage Plugin to work. That simplifies the "problem" a lot, because to use LSPD:FR you need to use the Rage Plugin executable file, instead of any of the original game executables (GTA5.exe, Play.exe or GTAVLauncher.exe).

    You don't need to duplicate the game folder then, because the Rage Plugin script mods like LSPD:FR load only when you use it through its own EXE.

  • Well, theoretically this is how it should work. Sounds reasonable the way you put it.

    I'm kind of cautious these days because after the latest update I had problems whereas my game crashed on exits and reloads. It's strange. Because GTA was unused for about five months. :confused: I still don't know what was the cause of that...

    My question comes as a conclusion to a thought that it might be better to keep certain files separated from others or gods know what will happen next time. Unfortunately, it seems things tend to get mangled and damaged when stuff is written over and over and over again like with these updates.

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