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Create/Edit Custom Shader

  • hi everyone,

    i'm a researcher in computer graphics and machine learning, and for a study i am working on i would need to generate a frame with every game entity drawn with a solid color, as is shown in the following image: alt text

    i am a n00b in gta mods and scripts, but i am an expert in computer programming and computer graphics.

    can you please give me some advice in how to hack the game graphics to accomplish my needs?

    i am also a shader expert for opengl and directx, so for me it would be great to edit current or create new shaders for this purpose; also, generating a custom g-buffer for these colors would be the best thing i can hope for.

    thank you.

  • Not sure if there's anyone here that has that knowledge. Long shot but you can try contacting the author of this article: http://www.adriancourreges.com/blog/2015/11/02/gta-v-graphics-study/

  • @stillhere thank you for your input, i read that article some times ago but didn't think about contacting the author.
    i have just read that you can even inject a custom shader (well, sort of) within the rendering, so i'll have a try.


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