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Game crashes after Rockstar intro as soon as i install a new gameconfig

  • since the latest GTA V patch (im using retail /CD version - original not cracked), my game crashes as soon as i install a new gameconfig, no matter which gameconfig.

    ive checked the gameconfigs i downloaded and all of them were made for the latest version of gta V.

    as soon as i install a new gameconfig, the game stuck for about 15 seconds after rockstar intro, then it crashes. I dont make it into the menu where you can select story mode or online.

    ive read that im not the only one with the issue, so anyone here with the same issue and hopefully a fix for it ?

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  • Did you, prior to the latest update, install any mods to the "mods" folder? Ergo, modifications that directly alter game files?

    If yes, you need to either delete them or install their newest versions. Updated version of GTA V will not run with modifications designed for previous versions. What I'm saying is that it may not necessarily be the gameconfig problem.

  • @TheMurderousCricket

    no. I had no mods installed, and i never install anything to the "mods" folder.

    it was just the gameconfig i have installed

  • @shephart do you have any mods installed now? you say you didn't install any prior to the update but did you install any after the update?

  • @Reacon i had this installed https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/grand-theft-auto-v-remastered-add-on
    but i removed the dlclist line and deleted the folder but it still crashed

  • @shephart send a screenshot of your dlclist file

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