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How can I make certain peds/NPCs not die so easily?

  •  Here's what I mean.  I'm currently trying to make the cops, more specifically the SWAT harder to kill and I've almost been successful.   I go into the pedhealth.meta file and I set the armor health thing to some insane value for both the initial health and armor.  I'll shoot one of the peds, and if I constantly shoot them, they won't die, but as soon as I stop shooting them, they die.  How can I fix that? 
     Plus, if I shoot a ped with the armor health thing and it's against a wall of some other surface, they'll just die as soon as they enter ragdoll, no matter how high I set their health or armor.  I also went into pedbounds.xml and took out the existing for the ragdoll type; the ped I shoot with that certain capsule still ragdolls.  How can I fix these two things as well?

  • Like you don’t want them to go into Writhe right?

  • @MegaDeveloper Right. Do you know how I could do this?

  • @Free-Cdai Send me a PM and I’ll send you the Script.

  • That’s a bet. In fact, I just now sent you a PM.

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