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Xbox360 .xfc files to PC shaders?

  • Briefly, I'd replace these .xfc shader files in order to make my game look like the old-gen one. I tried using some of them but they all gave me weird errors as I launched GTAV.

    1.) Why's it giving me errors? It's .xfc so why won't it work? (When I replaced "deferred_lighting.xfc" I got 'not enough game memory' or something. Also, sometimes it just crashes with no errors whatsoever.

    2.) Any other ways to port last-gen (let's say xbox360) shader files to PC?


    @Tengerecki why do you specifically want the shaders?

    Search Old-Gen

    I find using Alex106's Old Gen Lens Flare and Old Gen Timecycle to be quite satisfactory ingame

  • @ReNNie
    I'm using those but yeah I'd like to restore the shaders.

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