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Need your opinions

  • Hi lads, I'm curious to see what your opninions are on the following scenario:

    Subject A releases a GTA IV mod unlocked, and Subject B converts it to GTA V. Do myou guys think Subject B should ask A for permission to release it or not? And what if subject A would require a "small donation" (In example 20 $) to be oayed by subject B to release an unlocked GTA IV mod from Subject A that Subject B converted to GTA V and wants to release?

    What do you guys think of this?

  • @dyverze If Subject A didn't explicitly give permission for it to be used in other mods, or converted to other games, then yes, it would be courteous to ask them. If they explicitly said that you can't do that, then most definitely ask them.

    As for money changing hands, I would say that's shaky ground. What's to stop Subject A taking your money, waiting till you release your mod and then saying "If you don't give me more money, I'm going to report your mod"?

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