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Going green

  • Guys, I need your opinion on an issue of "beautification". ;)

    I plan to add some greenery to a relatively barren landscape of Los Santos and its vicinity and I consider two options...

    Obviously, Menyoo's object spooner came to my mind first. I can simply plant trees where I want them and load the placements later on. I made a test with 20 or so new plants and it seems fine but when I add 20 thousand...? Heheh.

    I don't know how bad it may influence performance and RAM. You see my point?

    The second option is to download and install just one of the many mods that aim to do just the thing - plant more bushes, shrubs and palms. There are quite a few.

    I am reluctant to do this however, because I heard numerous people complaining that these mods may break the game and cause frequent crashes when handled improperly. Given that you need to edit dlc lists and gameconfigs (or so I heard) I can see why!

    So if you were me, which option would you choose? Keep in mind that Menyoo also allows you to hand-pick locations and make plants one at a time, which is a great way to let one's imagination soar - an important advantage too.

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